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Easily track and manage your sales with our Sales Management software solution.

Why choose our Sales and Marketing Solution?

Our Sales Management solution is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline and enhance the sales process. In the Quoting module, users can easily create accurate quotes linked to a live price file database, allowing for flexible integration with various estimating systems.

Customizable profit margins and efficient contract and deposit management make it a robust solution for generating effective quotes. The Sales Management module, functioning as a CRM tool, efficiently manages leads through lead capturing, customizable ownership management, and lead rating capabilities. Its user-definable escalation points ensure leads are managed according to business rules, preventing missed opportunities. The system also captures foot traffic data across multiple locations, offering custamizable reporting. Marketing Integration capabilities seamlessly integrate leads with existing Marketing CRMs, providing a consistent approach to customer interactions, enhancing overall efficiency, and delivering a comprehensive solution for unparalleled customer engagement within the Evolve suite.

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Our Sales Management solution streamlines and optimises your sales activities.

Its benefits are summarised below:

Efficiently capture, automate, and customise lead ownership with user-defined ratings and escalation points to ensure optimal management in accordance with business rules.

Build custom quotes tailored to pre-defined house range outcomes and customers needs.

Capture foot traffic across multiple companies and locations with full reporting functionality.

CRM integrations from your existing Marketing CRM into the Evolve suite.

Contact us for a demo and to find out more about how our Sales Management solution can save you time and money.

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