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Post-Site Software Solutions in Australia

A simple, yet powerful solution to ensure your maintenance and warranty obligations are met and customer service continues to be a priority post handover.

Why Choose Our Post-Site Software Solution?

The statutory maintenance period following a job competion can often be a spider web of small tasks that might not take a great deal of time to complete but are often missed because of the sheer volume and the difficulties that come with tracking and managing such requests.

Many builders lose track of the jobs that have handed over due to the complexities of managing the sheer volume of lists and flow on requirements. This often results in a growing list of unhappy customers with unrectified defects and no clear communication.


Our maintenance and warranty module addresses this overload of information by providing a clear and concise maintenance roadmap, the ability to efficiently capture and manage the required activities including which vendor is best suited to attend to those requests and, importantly, keeping the customer informed along the way.

Its benefits are summarised below:

No more missed maintenance jobs

No more out of date spreadsheets

No more unhappy customers

Simple scheduling and call ups

Raise PO’s & manage approval authorities

Improved maintenance task & job visibility

Improved customer service

Contact us for a demo and to find out more about how our Post-Site solution can save you time and money.

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