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Pre-Site Software Solutions in Australia

Optimise your Pre-Site workflows

Why choose our Pre-Site Software Solution?

The Evolve Pre-site Module provides comprehensive visibility and control over your pre-site workflows. The system allows for pre-determined and customizable user permissions, and automatic task assignment based on defined roles or management allocation and supports scheduling and resource planning.Pre-built integrations provide for direct access to   customer filing systems for real-time access to project documents, as well as quick access to purchase orders and financial job information. This module tracks baseline timelines versus forecasts and actual progress, maintains a time-stamped change register, and provides a comment and notes repository. EOT management and communication capabilities are included, along with automated and customizable customer or supplier communications.


Our Pre-Site Solution takes the hassle out of your project management and resource planning, reducing costs and putting more back in your bottom line.

Its benefits are summarised below:

Unlimited, Customisable Workflows including the sales phase through to ACC (released to construction).

Automatic task assignment based on defined roles and/or management allocation.

Automated communication

Scheduling and resource planning

Ultimately increased visibility and pre-site efficiencies

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