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Pre-site Workflow Software

Getting the job to site in the fastest timeframe means you start making money faster.

Why Choose Our 
Pre-site Workflow Software?

Our suite of software construction tools not only lets you manage your call forwards and all the activities that can hold up a build during the development, but also gives you complete oversight on the entire process, from taking an initial deposit to beginning the build.

Typically, this part of the project can be held up by permits, identification requests, soil surveys, where your customer wants their power points – there are dozens of factors that can push out the time from someone walking into a display home to the job actually starting.

Delays in this initial process means delays in milestones being met in a timely manner and that means delays in you getting paid.

With so many factors and activities required to manage this process smoothly, using spreadsheets is not only an administrative nightmare, but it does not give any transparency as to where any delays are coming from.

Using our Pre-Site workflow construction software management module to bring a complete 360-degree oversight to the pre-site workflow process enables these bottlenecks to be identified and dealt with before it hits your hip pocket.

Easily determine who is responsible for the delay.

Easily gauge why this delay has occurred.

Take quick action to sort the problem so you get paid.

The added benefit of our pre-site workflow module is that you have complete control over who within the process ‘sees’ what activities and tasks they are responsible for. Unlike a spreadsheet, which is easily manipulated to benefit a required KPI, our module cannot be gamed if a user does not have the permissions attributed to them.

This allows you to keep an eye on the entire process with the confidence that the information being viewed is accurate and up to date.   

Getting the job to site in the fastest timeframe means you start making money faster.

Our pre-site workflow module does that, and with more certainly and less headaches than any spreadsheet ever could.

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